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LoveYourBodyDay is a celebration of self-improvement. Making little changes to our every day lives we can be happier than we could ever imagine.

Getting new hobbies, changing the design and layout of your living room (interior design), changing who we spend the majority of our time with…. It’s small lifestyle alterations that can breed MASSIVE results in our well-being.

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Every article we post, there will be a suggestion of change. It is up to you whether you wish to do so. Your are the master of your own fate, the captain of your own destiny!

Loving Your New Living Room


Living in a well designed house feels good and comfortable. Having a clean house that smells good will not scare away your visitors and friends but rather make them appreciate how you have been able to take care of your house. We should learn how to value the space we live in and by this I mean at least ensure that its environs are as clean as possible in order to ensure that there will be no health hazards outbreak. If you love your house so much and would want to make it look cozy, look for a good interior and exterior that will be able to help out live in your dream house.

Nowadays, there are so many exterior designers who are in a position to make your living space look spectacular and it would be nice if one gives them the opportunity to help in designing the place. Inspiration can also be sought from online websites like this – Some people love having dinner outdoors as a family and you may find that, many of them use quite a lot of money to pay for restaurants and hotels so that they can have fun time together. If you feel like taking your family out for lunch and dinner is becoming too much, then consider having an outdoor setting that will make you interact well with every member in the family as well as have all the fun you may want. In this setting, you can design it in a way that you will also have a beautiful sofa so that just in case anyone feels like relaxing can feel comfortable.

beautiful chesterfield Sofa

The designers are very keen when it comes to designing a living space as long as you have in mind what you want then things would be so simple in creating that space. Once your outdoor setting have been completed fully, you of course see a lot of changes in your home and you will have a great time to mingle as well as interact with your family and friends. Having such a remarkable space to enjoy with the people you love and visitors is good for it gives a relaxing feel. Also, one can also set up a barbeque which many people love doing and in such cases; nothing can be more fun than enjoying a great meal outdoors.

Look at what this video suggests about inspiration for your living room!

But in the meantime, there are some of the things that everyone who is thinking of setting up a living space outdoors should always consider.

  • First; make sure that you perfectly know the reason as to why you want to set up that outdoor space. Many would want the place for the having dinner, others would prefer moving there and cooking outside completely while you will find that others want the place for entertainment. Always be sure before the designers get to work.
  •  Plan your exterior very well because once you have given it to the designers and have already started working on the place and you want to change you may be in for disappointment for thy will not be in a position to undo what they have already started.
  •  Lastly, there is one main point that many forget and that is considering the weather of the place where you want to make your outdoor room. The place may be windy, sunny or cold hence these are the factors to look at because you might build a room and at the end of it all comes down crashing. Concentrate on what will make the outdoor setting appealing meaning, if you have to put up a small or large garden to make the place look for beautiful, do that. One can also put a pool, a tennis court where people can play when they have finished having dinner or their lunch.

Make your house as beautiful as you would want it to look because once you have been able to decorate and put up beautiful sofas, the place will look great and any visitor who comes to visit will never tired of coming back again. It is not a must you have a big house in order to make it look cozy, no, as long as you love it when you live in a house that is well organized, then even a small house can be designed.

 Get An Exciting Hobby

“I need help”. Finally I admitted it.

I just had an hour long conversation with my sister, outpuring my heart to her about my lonliness and lack of motivation to……. to do anything. She gave me the best advice I’ve ever received “Mark, get a hobby for christ’s sake”.

So I did.

I searched the internet high and wide and came across a website advertising “exciting gifts at cloudbase“. What was it? One of the best 60 minutes of my life. I took the control of a AIRPLANE! I was hooked. For the next 3 months, every time I was down or depressed, I’d book myself a flight in a Cloudbase Aviation aircraft, head down my local airfield and take to the skies.

My mood completely changed. I was learning to fly which rocketed my self-esteem. My friends said I was happier and, more importantly, my outlook on life changed for the better. implores you to get an exciting hobby. It doesn;t have to be flying (it’s not that cheap). But something that will make your heart go faster and remember what it’s like to be alive.

You owe yourself. Help yourself.